Doctors of Audiology

Doctors of Audiology. Audiologist. Hearing healthcare. Grandfather with grandson. Brampton Audiology. Brampton, ON.

Doctors of Audiology

Each of our Doctors of Audiology, Roberto Guadagno, BA, MClSc, FAAA, AuD, Reg CASLPO and Ronnie Grant, BA, MCISc, FAAA, AuD, Reg CASLPO, has extensive clinical experience in managing hearing loss and other auditory disorders in all age groups. In addition to their training and expertise, they bring compassion and understanding to the patient-clinician relationship. After all, achieving the best possible outcomes requires that patients are properly informed, appropriately counselled, and respected as individuals with unique characteristics, preferences, priorities, and lifestyles.

Roberto Guadagno
Doctor of Audiology

Roberto Guadagno, AuD, has established a reputation for clinical excellence during the nearly 20 years he has served the Brampton community and surrounding areas. He holds a baccalaureate degree in psychology as well as a master’s and doctorate degree in audiology. He is dedicated to ensuring that advancements in audiologic research are incorporated in protocols that improve treatment outcomes and is a recipient of Honours from the provincial association for his contributions to the profession. Combining remarkable clinical knowledge with genuine empathy allows for his delivery of effective audiologic care that benefits both patients and their families while fulfilling an ongoing commitment to improving quality of life.

Ronnie Grant
Doctor of Audiology

Ronnie Grant, AuD, has a wide variety of professional experience in audiology as a clinician, educator, and patient advocate. He holds a baccalaureate degree in psychology as well as a master’s and doctorate degree in audiology. He has taught students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, served as an advisor to the provincial association and a practice consultant to the regulatory college, and has appeared on local media on matters relating to hearing health. Along with the depth of his expertise comes a compassionate bedside manner that puts patients and their families at ease, even when dealing with the most challenging hearing healthcare cases, and treatment is focused on overcoming auditory disorders rather than being defined by them.

Doctors of Audiology. Audiologist. Grandfather with granddaughter underwater. Hearing healthcare. Brampton Audiology. Brampton, ON.

What is a Doctor of Audiology?

      • At least 8 years of university education
      • Specializes in the assessment, prevention and rehabilitation of hearing problems.
      • Registered with CASLPO (College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario) which ensures ethical and professional standards are met.
      • Specialized equipment is used to conduct a wide variety of tests to determine the nature of a hearing problem.
      • Extensive counselling with patients regarding a variety of treatment options.


A physician referral is not necessary to book an appointment with Brampton Audiology.