Celebrity Hearing Challenges

Celebrity Hearing Challenges Those with hearing loss often feel alone, but only need to look to their favourite actors, to find celebrity hearing challenges are quite common. It does not discriminate, with many celebrities dealing [...]

Challenging places to hear

Here are the top 3... Can you guess the environments where people often complain about having difficulty hearing and understanding? Movies Television Noisy Restaurants All of the above The answer is (4), all of the [...]

Diabetes and hearing loss

Diabetes and Hearing Loss Diabetes is a Risk Factor for Hearing Loss Research has found a connection between hearing loss and diabetes. This is significant with diabetes on the rise in Canada. Diabetes has grown [...]

Hearing Aid Success in Adults

Hearing Aid Success in Adults The results of several studies suggest that the most important factor contributing to successful hearing aid use is the positive support of family and friends. Successful hearing aid users commonly [...]